Dodgeball New Zealand

Dodgeball NZ was formed in 2011 by a group of Canterbury-based Dodgeball players.

Dodgeball NZ (DNZ) aims to be the National Sporting Organisation for Dodgeball in New Zealand.

The organisation was formed by a group of Dodgeball players who were passionate about the sport and enthusiastic to see the profile of the sport lifted.

DNZ will develop the sport by:

  • Running a grassroots programme promoting Dodgeball in New Zealand schools.
  • Organising regular local and nationwide tournaments.
  • Making funding available for local clubs.
  • Promoting the sport to the wider public.
  • Picking a team to play at the Dodgeball World Champs and Dodgeball World Cup.

We aim to achieve these goals by first organising many of the above-named activities on a local level in our own area. Then once we have a formula that is proven to work we will push the activities out to the wider New Zealand community.

Once a wide network of clubs and associations has been formed we plan to apply to be recognised as the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for Dodgeball in New Zealand.

Dodgeball New Zealand currently operate in Christchurch and Wellington locations and coming soon Auckland!

If you wish to join one of these leagues contact the Dodgeball New Zealand Facebook page or visit the respective Facebook pages, for Auckland please contact via the Dodgeball New Zealand email;