Selwyn ‘Have a Go Day’

Posted by admin on 19 09 2017.

Around 1200 children attended the Selwyn ‘Have a Go Day’ on 27 August, with 26 sports on offer at the Lincoln Event Centre.

Dodgeball New Zealand was proud to be involved in the event, introducing the next generation to the sport between 12 and 12:30pm.have-a-go-day

Dodgeball New Zealand’s Brendon Beattie said it was fantastic to see a number of children taking an interest in the sport: “The Have-a-Go Day encouraged children from a wide range of backgrounds to give Dodgeball a go, and it was great to see all age groups getting involved.

“The children were engaged and developed some impressive skills in such a short time, but most importantly they seemed to have a lot of fun,” Beattie said.

As Dodgeball New Zealand seeks to grow the player base and raise the profile of the sport, events like these are seen as critical to developing an increased presence, with plans in place to create an under 13s competition in the Christchurch region.

“Events such as this are in alignment with Dodgeball New Zealand’s current goals and vision, so we are grateful to the Selwyn Council team for inviting us to take part. We hope to continue our involvement in future,” Beattie said.